ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

ZANG TUMB TUUM have already announced the release of the fourth Frankie Goes To Hollywood single, which is ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome and out this week — and incidentally, a cassette version will be available from 1 April. Now comes news of three more ZTT singles… Anne Pigalle debuts this weekend with ‘He Stranger, as the first in the labels Certain Series, and shell have an album out in May. The Art Of Noise follow their recent hit ‘Close (To The Edit) on 1 April with ‘Moments In Love/BeatBox, with the 12-inch containing an extended version of the A-side and the bonus track ‘Love Beat. And Propaganda return on 15 April with their second single ‘Duel/Jewel (Rough Cut) in 7" and 12" forms, with their LP ‘A Secret Wish scheduled for May.