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Inventor of the 1980s to wow fans at Rewind

Its the festival that brings the 1980s back to life — and now the man credited with inventing the decades music is preparing to wow Tayside music fans at Rewind.

The event returns to Scone Palace in Perthshire next month for its seventh consecutive year.

Some of the biggest acts of the era will walk on to the stage to take revellers on a journey back in time.

Among those appearing on the first of the festivals three days, July 21, is Trevor Horn.

The 67-year-old formed The Buggles, famed for megahit Video Killed The Radio Star, and was at the forefront of technological innovation at a time when everything was changing in the music industry.

Such was his influence, Trevor is constantly lauded as “the man who invented the ‘80s” by peers and critics.

In an exclusive interview with the Tele, the musician-turned-producer revealed how he couldnt wait to get back on the stage — despite the lure of working in the recording studio with artists such as Paul McCartney, Cher, Tina Turner, Gary Barlow, Kylie Minogue and Tom Jones.

He said: “Its been great working with all these superstars but its also going to be great to take to the stage myself and recreate a little of the music of the ‘80s.

“Im really looking forward to doing Rewind Scotland. I hear you get a very enthusiastic bunch coming along to Scone. I played Rewind at Henley last year, which was great — but Im particularly excited about the Scotland gig.

“Ive been told the crowd will join in with everything and, from an artists point of view, thats great.

“Its a great feeling when everyone joins in as you play some of the old sounds of the ‘80s.

“Thats what everyone is there for — to hear the sounds that take them back to the happy times they enjoyed when they were younger.”

Horn can count three Brit Awards and a Grammy among the collection on his mantelpiece in honour of his production work.

He famously was on the decks for Seals hit Kiss From A Rose.

In addition, he also enjoyed chart success as a musician with Yes, and Art of Noise.

Horn was awarded a CBE in 2011 for his contribution to music and he hopes to give festival-goers something to smile about during his Scone set.

“Thats what this festival is all about,” he said.

“In light of recent events, especially the awful scenes at the Manchester Arena, its important that we musicians keep bringing the music to the people.

“It would never enter my head to consider not doing a concert because of terrorism.

“Obviously, its worrying and you do think about whats happened before you step on the stage.

“Its more important than ever that we give people a good time.

“The terrorists are trying to drive a wedge between people but music can heal that.

“It just wouldnt be an option for me not to play a gig.”