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BUGGLES: ‘The Age of Plastic (Island 1LPS 9585)

BEFORE WE start on the music, lets talk about the cover. The reason Im reviewing this record is because I think the cover is superb and captures the look and feel of what Buggles and their music is about.

Now for the nitty gritty. Who are Buggles? Do we really want to know? They, Geoff Downes and Trevor Horn, have produced two singles, ‘Video Killed The Radio Star and ‘Plastic Age both capturing the age we live in. It must also be said that they made excellent videos to go with the singles.

But the theme of the ‘Plastic Age doesnt work on an entire album. Its a good idea that falls a bit flat when the rest of the songs dont live up to the catchiness of the two singles.

I suppose Buggles have the same problem as Gary Numan — expanding on an idea can be difficult.

Miss Robot on Side 1 starts off with the gem of what might be in store for the future but the track runs on far too long. The same applies to ‘Johnny On The Monorail.

Buggles are definitely very talented and will have us looking into the future with X-Ray glasses. Im sure that when they do go on the road, their live show will transport us into another world of electronic pop music.

Beam me up, Scotty