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THOMAS LEER: ‘Contradictions (Cherry Red ERED 26)

THIS ALBUM starts out as low budget techno funk and tumbles into bland effortless and unconvincing muzak.

On initial listenings the record seems cleverly put together. It is so superbly disguised that it is only after a while that you realise it is a bit of a cover up. I cant point out what it is that makes this record sound cheap but you can tell the difference like instant and fresh coffee, the fundamental taste is the same but on of them lacks character.

Leer shows promise in places but similarly he often sinks into uninspired, over long, soul/funk imitation. It sometimes sounds like a keyboardsmans solo album, say from Genesis or someone like that.

Imagination coughs from the album in spasms and, despite its Tesco price tag it gives just enough quality to suggest that Thomas Leer could be capable. Thats about it really, its not over exacting material but then again it is not bereft of some degree of talent.☆☆☆½