ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Subterania, London

Claudia Brücken is a puzzle. After years of baring her soul against a backdrop of angst-ridden, industrial pop, Claudia still hasnt quite made it to the other side. Try as she might, a hit has eluded her, yet she commands enough respect to pack a venue full of those eager to cheer her on. Tonight, she delivers a set that raises eyebrows and fills hearts.

From the laid-back, Balearic sway of ‘Moments In Joy, to the Hi-NRG basslines of ‘Fanatic, she embraces a wealth of musical styles, setting them off with steely tones and literate, imaginative lyrics.

On ‘Love In Another World and ‘Absolut(e), as structured and poppy as anything by Kylie, she stoops over the mic and stylishly blows an intelligent and profound froth of indignation into the faces of the front row.

Kiss Like Ether smacks heavily of ‘State Of Independence, but thats no bad thing and she tackles it, a slower song, with icy assurance. The familiar highbrow strains of ‘Duel and ‘P-Machinery from her days with Propaganda meet with much applause, though the new songs fare just as well and blend in to create a well balanced and emotive evening.

A hi-tech embrace. as she would no doubt describe it.