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Seems like its the season for splits — the latest band to call it a day are West Country beat/funksters Pigbag.

They had an instrumental hit with ‘Papas Got A Brand New Pigbag, and always enjoyed a strong live following. But theyve found it hard to match the standard of their earlier work.

Simon Underwood, bassist, explained the break up.

“Its about the most positive thing weve done all year,” he admitted. “Its no big deal, its just that we wanted to work with lots of different peple — we needed a change.

“When Pigbag started it was quite a loose thing — we always wanted to bring in other people onstage. We were a bit blind to the business side and outside pressures though.

“It was good ‘Papa being a hit but I dont think we followed it up or used it as we could have.”

Simon is now working with his wife Angela, who recently joined Pigbag as singer, and guitarist James. He says they could be “quite commercial.”

Y Records release the final Pigbag LP, a mainly live set called ‘Pigbag, on June 24, priced £2.99.