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Propaganda dial M for murder

ARE Propaganda Germanys answer to Frankie Goes To Hollywood?

Not quite. But their ‘Nine Lives Of Dr Mabuse single is ZTTs follow-up to ‘Relax. And it looks set to follow Frankie up the charts — even without a controversial video.

“There is no sex in our video,” claims Ralf Dorper, Propaganda spokesman. And hes right.

Instead the Dusseldorf group concentrate on lighter issues — Evil, for example!

Nine Lives is directed by rock photographer Anton Corbijn and stars veteran character actor Vladek Sheybal as Mabuse.

The Doctor manages to lure Propagandas innocent young singer Claudia to his dark retreat. Strange monks lurk in the shadows where Mabuse, the “man with no shadow“, is waiting.

Claudia realises her danger in the nick of time and flees, pursued by a giant white hand. It is scored with an ‘M on its palm, the mark of a murderer…

“Fritz Lang, the film maker, created the character in the ‘30s,” explains Ralf. “Lang used the evil Mabuse to try to warn Germany about the dangers of Fascism. We decided to give him a new lease of life.”

The video is shot in black and white to underline the struggle between good and evil.

“The point is to show just how fascinating evil is,” admonishes Ralf.

You have been warned.