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Day news

Just about to embark on a solo assault of the charts, following the split of Dollar, is David Van Day. A new single, “Young Americans Talking”, is ready to go and the Van Day fingers are crossed. Bucks Fizz producer, Andy Hill, was called in to produce the platter.

“Its certainly a bit rawer than anything Ive done before,” says David, the famous chirpy smile still intact, “but I think its commercial enough to appeal to Dollar fans. Its funny but Andy used to admire Trevor Horns production and Trev always used to admire Andys sales!”

As you may have gathered, Trevor Horn, the bespectacled brain behind Dollars last four hits, is no longer working with David.

“He was upset at not being asked to complete that last album. I regret him not finishing it but Thereza thought she could do it herself.”

Therezas production wasnt exactly acclaimed but that hasnt stopped her signing to Horns new label or agreeing to him producing her solo efforts.

It wasnt, however, any professinal conflict of interests which led to the split of Dollar, but the personal ones.

“I think we could have continued to work together if the emotional split had been private,” David argues, “but it became a nasty public slanging match. To be honest, though, I never slagged her off at all apart from saying she needed to grow up. I didnt need to — she just made herself look bitchy and stupid.”

So will Mr Nice Guy be making himself look any different? Planning any drastic changes of image? Dyeing the blond locks pink?

“No, I want to keep my fans, want them to grow up with me, I actually enjoy being a recognisable pop star. Okay, so its a bit poncey, a bit unmanly, but at least people are nice to you.”