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PET SHOP BOYS: Left To My Own Devices (EMI) Pop perfection from the winsome twosome. Complete with swank orchestra, this massive stomper galumphs away at a breakneck pace into all sorts of dramatic twists and turns, over which Neils deadpan vocals sound brilliantly menacing. According to this record, a day in the life of a typical Pet Shop Boy consists of getting up at half-past ten and going shopping, but somehow this single twists such everyday normalities into something distinctly threatening. A stormin chorus plus! — plus! — one of those superbly pretentious talking bits Neil does (“Che Guevara and Debussy to a disco beat“ has got to be one of his finest moments), rounded off with a breathtaking violin swoosh, must ensure that this soars to the top of the charts and stays there for weeks and weeks. A truly awe-inspiring Single Of The Fortnight. Ta ran to ra!!!