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IN ONE of those rare moves that genuinely takes the music business by surprise, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman have left Yes and will be replaced by — wait for it — Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes, otherwise known as The Buggles.

Anderson and Wakeman are apparently content to devote themselves to solo projects and Horn and Downes, who share the same management as Yes, were drafted in to fill the gaps. The Buggles will continue to write and record under their own name while the Yes set will apparently feature tunes like “Video Killed The Radio Star”.

At the moment the reconstituted Yes are starting to record a new album with producer Eddie Offord and its not thought that any of their touring plans will be upset by the change in the line up.

These moves are doubly surprising in the light of the fact that Yes was always very much regarded as Jon Andersons band. (He sang lead and wrote all the lyrics.) It was reputedly Andersons success with “I Hear You Now” that prompted him to cut loose.