ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”


DOLLAR: ‘Give Me Back My Heart (WEA). Delicious, seductive easy listening, and another step up towards some pure, impossible dream of sound in Trevor Horns head. Im no apologist for the rightly-detested Buggles, but the man can truthfully be said to have lived down his past. Here he forsakes the epic quality of ‘Hand Held In Black And White in favour of a production thats bright, hard and positively sparkling, possessed of a stunning precision and clarity that take your breath away. I have my reservations about the song; the chorus is rather trite, but David and Thereze do their stuff with all the usual skill plus a new and obvious conviction. Above all, theres the ending: a stroke of genius that has Ms Bazaar singing, without accompaniment, what sounds just like a little girls prayer. This record, quite apart from being a massive hit, is probably going to become a personal obsession.