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Oh yes, oh no!

WHAT DO Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White think they are playing at! How can those two turds out of Buggles believe they can replace such brilliant musicians as Jon (God) Anderson and Rick Wakeman.

Can you imagine that burk who looks like Brains out of “Thunderbirds” daring to go on stage and sing ‘Wonderous Stories or ‘And You And I. It is indeed blasphemy. And if they dont intend to do the old Yes material, then why retain the name? To cash in on the publicity and lull Joe Public into believing this new joke will be anything like the perfection that Jon Anderson instilled in the group. How can they expect us to “re-invent the Yes idea” when Jon Anderson was that idea and indeed was Yes. Good God! Next Johnny Logan will be replacing Robert Plant in Led Zeppelin.

Cathy, Birmingham

HOW DISAPPOINTED I am that Buggles are joining forces with Yes. Its such a shame because they were doing so well as a duo.

How can Trevor and Geoff do it? I mean, have they given any thought to their fans? Dont they realise that it just wouldnt be the same without them as a duo? Even the name ‘Buggles does something for them. To lose the novelty name comes as a shattering blow.

Well, its ‘Buggles future that Trevor and Geoff predicted, not Yes. If they can go and do that kind of thing, then I cant see a bright future for them. Has my following of Buggles since their first hit been a waste of time?

Disappointed Buggles Fan, Surrey.