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NEW ART OF NOISE DISK INAUGURATES MID-PRICE LINE — As a New Years present to the comsumer, Chrysalis Records is making “Rewords of Art Of Noise” available for the first time domestically. “Reworks” is the first completely new release on the mid-price “Chartbusters” line listing for $6.98. “Chartbusters” will spotlight special releases and reissues of rock classics from the Chrysalis catalog. Upcoming releases in the new price category will include “Aqualung” and the “Best of Jethro Tull,” Billy Idols eponymous first album, “Picture This” by Huey Lewis & the News, and five Pat Benatar titles including “In the Heat of the Night,” “Crimes of Passion,” “Precious Time,” “Get Nervous” and “Live from Earth.” With over one million Art of Noise units sold, 1986 was a banner year for the group and “Reworks” is a culmination of that success. It functions as a worthy companion and supplement to the groups smash album “In Visible Silence.” Side one brings together the 7" hit “Paranoimia” featuring the redoubtable and risible Max Headroom, “Legacy,” the disorchestral revamp of “Legs,” and the full-length 12" version of the theme from “Peter Gunn,” featuring smoking guitar from the inimitable Titan of Twang, Duane Eddy — a recording which won Art of Noise a Grammy Award for best rock instrumental at the recent 29th annual awards show. Side two captures the spontaneity of their live set at the Hammersmith Odeon during its historic first tour last year. The live side communicates the high-tech perfectionism and high-spirited combustion of Art of Noise on stage. “Reworks” is now available.