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ART OF NOISE ‘In Visible Silence (China Records WOL 2)

A smug record. Art Of Noise might have promised you a sound, but in their finest moments — ‘Beatbox, ‘Moments In Love, ‘Close To The Edit — they were only defining the limits of their ambition.

In Visible Silence is a safe, conservative record. A record that simply skirts around the noises and textures and themes that the Art Of Noise have already fully explored. Its a comfortable record, one for the red framed glasses and CD set. Smart arse, but not smart. Cowardly.

Of course that doesnt mean it doesnt sound nice, but just as their competent cover of ‘Peter Gunn was a pointless exercise, the rest here is mere fluff to a good idea.

As wallpaper goes, this is nicely textured. ☆☆½