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‘Street Fighting Years


Simple Minds have spent so much time on the road these past years, or so it seems, that its inevitable that ‘Street Fighting Years sounds like a rehearsal for their next world tour. Its grandiose compositions begin with gently undulating arrangements then puff out that chest in a proud display of wailing guitars and keyboards. Kerrs voice occasionally gets a little lost in the richness of it all, but carefully placed ‘drops bring everything down to a whisper of cymbals and bass, where you can already hear the roars of approval from the crowd. ‘Rousing and ‘mature are the words that spring to mind in an album that could do with a little more of the vigour and energy of ‘Kick It In and a little less self indulgence, but nevertheless ‘Street Fighting Years is a thoughtful album that Minds fans will love. Those without CDs shouldnt feel too upset about missing out on ‘When Spirits Rise (CD & cassette only), a brief dirge of pipes that merely acts as a full stop on the whole proceedings. ☆☆☆☆