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Tom Jones and the Art Of Noises cover of Princes “Kiss” is the sole new track on PolyGrams “The Best Of The Art Of Noise.” The rest of the set boasts material from the bands first release on ZTT/Island Records and cuts from its China/Chrysalis days.

The unlikely pairing of Welsh crooner Jones and the Art Of Noise — the Dada-esque Anne Dudley and J. Jecazlik — came “quite easy,” says Jecazlik. Jones rendition of “Kiss” is interspersed with bits and pieces from various songs on the compilation.

Art Of Noise has been around only since 1983, but the time was right for a compilation, says Jecazlik. “Five years in the ‘80s are like 15 in the ‘60s,” he adds.

On cassette and compact disk, the set boasts extended mixes with a 63-minute playing time; the LP has 7-inch versions. The Art Of Noise will tour early next year.