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Dance Trax

HERE COMES THAT SOUND: The domestic release of New Orders latest, “Fine Time” (Qwest/Warner Bros.), is merely hours away and its a smoker. Always striving for something a little different, the band retraces some of its musical steps while taking quite a few forward as well. Five tasty mixes are provided by Steve “Silk” Hurley, and its sure to be a club favorite this season… A new “disco” mix of Pet Shop Boys “Left To My Own Devices” (EMI) by Robin Hancock, Trevor Horn, and Stephen Lipson has just been unleashed. Up-tempo, tastefully executed, and brilliantly produced number pumps along at a nice pace. Of interest will be the flip, “The Sound Of The Atom Splitting,” which sounds a bit like Art Of Noise on acid. Incidentally, theres a radically different (and quite good) Frankie Knuckles mix of “Left To My Own Devices” that, not unlike underground mixes previously done for Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross, is circulating on cassette only…

BIG BEATS & LIL PIECES: Frankie Knuckles is completing mixes on the Gap Bands “Im Gonna Git You Sucka” for Arista… Ivan Ivan has mixed “Groove Check” for Virgin act That Petrol EmotionC.J. McIntosh and Dave Dorrell (of M/A/R/R/S) are remixing Eric B. & Rakims “The R” for U.K. single release… Coldcut is rumored to have signed with Elektra here in the States. The act is presently working on a new album that will feature contributions from the Fall and (tentatively) Blue Zone U.K.s delightful lead vocalist, Lisa StanfieldMurray Elias is mixing “You Can Call My Heart Home” by popular songwriter and new Capitol signee Evan RogersArthur Baker is busy in the U.K. remixing Neneh Cherrys “Buffalo Stance” (Virgin) as well as “I Want Your Love” (yes, its the old Chic song) as interpreted by Paul Rutherford (formerly of Frankie Goes To Hollywood) for 4th & Bway… Also in the U.K., Ben Liebrand is re-remixing Art Of Noises “Paranoia” and Bas Noirs brilliant “My Love Is Magic”… Producer/songwriter Raymond Jones has been keeping busy. He has recently completed projects with Patti LaBelle, E.U. (for the new Spike Lee film), and venerable act Black Ivory… Panther Records is a brand new record company specializing in dance music. For more information contact 212-333-8647.