ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

ACT ‘Laughter Tears And Rage (ZTT ZQMC 1)

Marlenes on the wall and she looks suspiciously like Ms Brucken!

The brilliantly Germanic sculpted excess of Claudias magnificent rearing nose is admirably reflected throughout this debut LP. The flaring nostrils on 1987s finest, ‘Snobbery And Decay; the cute twitch of ‘I Cant Escape From You; the classic profile of ‘Under The Nights Of Germany; the polite sneeze of ‘Where Love Lies Bleeding.

All arranged by clever little Scots sidekick Thomas Leer and with a dangerously large and glamorous production job, Claudias Act is a sort of classy female hi-fashion catwalk A-ha.

The curtains up, the show goes on and this first Act leads the way… ☆☆☆