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Spelling it out

ABC: The Lexicon Of Love (Neutron NTRS 1)

WHAT A prat I used to think Martin Fry was. His giraffe like frame clad in gold lame suits a la Ferry and that ski slops nose.

I stopped laughing a couple of months ago when ‘Poison Arrow hit the airwaves and broke cash registers across the country — an infectious melody for the young, old, and those going bald.

Between the posturings of Weller, the eccentricities of Cope and the bloody awfulness of Siouxsie Sioux, theres a huge space for music of such quality and distinction.

Wonderful for its sheer over the top approach with Trevor Horn at the controls, the album opens with a wacky, powerful, slushy instrumental before plunging into ‘Show Me. Curtain up on a tempting brass section and enigmatic vocals.

Away again with the classic ‘Poison Arrow and ‘Many Happy Returns, touched with a few hints of sadness. ‘Lexicon is an album thats

full of many interesting twists and touches, the best examples being on ‘Tears Are Not Enough and ‘Valentines Day, both choc full of contrasting ideas and moods.

The Look Of Love is just one of those songs you never tire of with its debonair construction and strangely timed harmonies. ‘Date Stamp meanwhile has plenty of moments of black humour with some near salsa at the end.

All Of My Heart, a theme for the summer, ludicrous strings bursting out all over the place, and the track where Fry flourishes most. ‘4 Ever 2 Gether features a Phil Collins like ‘In The Air Tonight drum break, its not one of the albums instantaneous tracks but not one to be underrated even though it seems to stretch itself just a little too much.

Just time for a little snatch of ‘The Look Of Love (Part Four) before the album closes. youll love it dahlings. ☆☆☆☆☆