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Second generation sampling hits the chart this week, as Dutchman Ben Liebrands ‘Sunshine Mix of Bill Withers ‘Lovely Day debuts at number 21, a decade after the original vesion — which appears on the B-side of the new mix — was a number seven hit.

Liebrands brilliant remixes regularly grace Disco Mix Clubs deejays-only subscription service albums, and it was from such an album that his mix of ‘Lovely Day was lifted due to public demand.

The mix includes samples off two Art Of Noise albums, Paula Yates “Hey Hey” coming from ‘Whos Afraid Of The Art Of Noise, and “Aaah” being sampled off ‘Slip Of The Tongue, a track on the album ‘In Visible Silence, but originating from Chics big hit of 1978, ‘Le Freak.