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ANDREW POPPY ‘The Beating Of Wings (ZTT IQ5)

Theres an almost overwhelming temptation to refer to young Andrew Poppy as a poor mans Mike Oldfield. And yet, with the current trends in retail pricing, the only cheap thing about ‘The Beating Of Wings is likely to be its contents.

Contrived, pretentious and monotonous to the point of infuriation, theres not much wrong with this LP that a total rewrite wouldnt fix. Exciting it isnt. Sure, Andrews a great technician, but give him an inch and hell measure it.

With any sense of emotion conspicuous by its absence, the four tracks are as inspiring and as innovative as a three year old at piano practice. But credit where credits due. Mr Poppy does take tedium one step further than most might manage — to the gateway of eternity.

Highlight of the ‘work is a brief moment when his ‘Frames For Orchestra almost generates a state of melody. But I can still think of a few thousand things Id rather see his orchestra play. Dominoes, for example.

Come on ZTT, its time to pull out that collective finger. ☆