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Old Holly Johnsons been a bit quiet recently, popping over to Paris to sing on the latest Vangelis album and settling down to write his own follow up to the ‘Blast LP. While were waiting for that, theres the intriguing release of a remix album of Hollys singles titled ‘Hollelujah, featuring three previously unreleased remixes and the acclaimed Frankie Knuckles mix of his debut single ‘Love Train. If that wasnt enough, coming up on the horizon is a compilation video of the mans solo work titled ‘Blast — The Video. Well Index fiends, you dont have to wait for those releases because weve lined up an exciting Holly Johnson competition in which you can win one of 10 sets of videos, LPs and rather tasteful ‘Hollelujah posters. To enter this competition all you have to do is answer the following questions.

1 Which was Hollys second solo single?

a) ‘Love Train, b) ‘Relax, c) ‘Americanos

2 In 1989 Holly appeared on which chart topping charity single?

a) ‘Do They Know Its Christmas b) ‘Ferry Across The Mersey, c) ‘Smoke On The Water.

Send your answers on a postcard to Record Mirror, Holly Johnson Competition, Punch Publications Ltd, London SE99 7YJ. Answers to arrive by June 25.