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Alison Moyet, Voice

Alison Moyets album of covers of everything from Jacques Brel to Purcell is a pleasant surprise. At the height of her solo chart success post-Yazoo, her voice had acquired a gratingly nasal quality which many mistook for soul; here, she has decided to concentrate on it as an instrument rather than as a songwriting vehicle. Largely, this has worked; certainly, she produces some extraordinary tones on a flawless ‘La chanson des vieux amants and on the closing standard ‘Bye Bye Blackbird. The whole is helped by fine arrangements and production from Anne Dudley and guitar from John Parricelli; the addition of glass harmonica for ‘Windmills of Your Mind and marimba and mournful cor anglais to ‘Je crois entendre encore are nice touches. Not everything works, but if ‘God Give Me Strength is fluffed youll be surprised by the strange, stately quality Moyet and Dudley lend to ‘The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies-o!