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NASTY ROX INC: ‘Escape From New York (ZTT)

Marching loud and large from car wrecks and smoking cities comes this intimidating, implacable dance trance, a huge and hypnotic hybrid bred from dancefloor dislocation and rollercoaster rock. Riding the grinding go go rhythm of Chuck Browns ‘Money all is subordinated to the bucking beat as it arrogantly and impeccably moves over rock metal and rap, gathering them all into one cleanched fisted grip. As grotesque as ‘Marshall Law, ‘Escape from New York is an anthem for a city gone crazy, one caught in an expanding spiral of greed and avarice, where anything and everything gets sacraficed to survive. Nasty Rox emerge from the madness inspired, their music conceived on the scale of skyscrapers, living larger than Led Zep and kicking with the confidence of a killer. This IS the aural equivalent of Towering Inferno, where CJ ‘M/A/R/R/S Mackintoshs turntable cuts the hardest beats over a driving, unstoppable bass and the vocals chant a creed of corruption.