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Godley & Creme — Is there anything these men havent done?

“Why arent I a millionaire? I havent the faintest idea,” laughs Kevin Godley. “Ive worked hard enough!”

In fact this year Kevin (39) and his partner Lol Creme (37), currently back in the charts with “Cry”, are celebrating their twenty-fifth year working together. In that time theyve been in incredibly unsuccessful bands, written a series of childrens books which converted into toys, been in incredibly successful ‘70s pop band 10cc, invented The Gizmo (a guitar attachment which makes it sound like a synthesizer), been an unsuccessful duo who wrote complicated concept albums like the boxed set “Consequences”, written a humorous book about rocknroll, composed music for award-winning commercials, been a successful duo with hits like “Under My Thumb” and “Wedding Bells”, and set themselves up as one of the countrys most respected video production teams (amongst many others theyre responsible for Herbie Hancocks “Rock it”, Frankies “Two Tribes” and “The Power Of Love” and Go Wests “We Close Our Eyes”).

Yet nowadays they seem to be working even harder than ever, as Kevin explains:

“Weve started a video label like a record label. We want to move away from videos just being things which are made to promote other peoples records. In fact well be releasing music which wont even be available on record.”

Which would be enough to keep most people busy — but not them. Theyve just finished an LP “History Mix Vol. 1" — “a sort of compilation” — which they did with Trevor Horn:

“We met him in a hotel last year. He rekindled our interest in music. For the album we used a Fairlight and sampled lots of the music weve made over the last 25 years and set the whole thing to a dance rhythm. Its nostalgia music for the feet.”

Almost as an aside, Kevin also mentions that plans are afoot for them to make a feature film though, he says, “I dont really want to talk about it yet in case it doesnt come off.” How on earth, Bitz wondered, do the two of them carry on being successful at so many things?

“Follow your instincts,” he answers. “Do it your own way all the time. And keep an open mind.”