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CAMEO: Shes Strange (Phonogram)

Now heres a strange thing. ZTT putting out a re-release? The record company that wanted to ‘subvert, to upset the routine, mnot play the usual games, blah, blah, blah, having to resort to re-releases.

Question: which record company has put out on a percentage basic, more useless mixes to bleed a market dry than any other? Which record company keeps on re-releasing record until the public get so bored with them that they have to but them out of sympathy?

As far as the manifesto was laid down, ZTT was meant to be about ‘creative marketing as much as it was about music. Yet if any other major company indulged in the same tactics, such as CBS for instance, they would be greeted with a righteous amount of scorn and derision.

Such is life. Propaganda are indeed part of the new pomp rock that is sweeping the nation. They are ordinary songs that rely on old tricks for their effect and power. In comparison, Cameo are what ZTT would like their acts to be: distinctive, stimulating, different and LOUD! ‘Shes Strange mixes a vicious dance beat and, across this towering landscape, little snatches of noise zoom in and out with stunning efficiency.

This should have been a hit first time round. Thats its difference from Propaganda.