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Anne Dudley—Close to the Edit
10.00pm R2

You may not necessarily have heard of Anne Dudley (above) but youll know the hits shes worked on as a pianist, sampler or arranger. Having graduated from Londons Royal College of Music she was hired as a session keyboard player by producer Trevor Horn. Over the next three weeks Stuart Maconie talks to her about how her career developed from here and led to her contributing the key piano parts to hits like ABCs The Look of Love and Frankie Goes to Hollywoods Two Tribes. The most riveting part of her early days in pop, however, was the formation of the Art of Noise, a ground-breaking collaboration of musical talent who were pioneers of sampling. She tells a great story of how she would go home at 6pm happy that their work was heading in a Boulez/Schoenberg kind of direction, only to come in the next morning and find her band-mates had turned it into a pop song.

Jane Anderson