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Onetwo ‘Kein Anschluss/Home SITD/MHC/Blank & Jones Remixes

Onetwo is keyboard player/producer Paul Humphreys, who is one half of acclaimed electro-pop pioneers Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) and German singer/producer Claudia Brücken, who was one quarter of the cult glam-goth electro-group Propaganda, hailed — in a good way — as Abba from hell, and a preview of music to come from the likes of Goldfrapp and Garbage. Between them, have amassed almost 20 million record sales with their former groups

This special club promo features two bonus tracks from their forthcoming single release ‘Cloud Nine (co-written with Onetwo and Depeche Modes Martin Gore), which is released on February 19th. Original versions of both these tracks are included on the debut album ‘Instead, released on February 26th.

First up is ‘Kein Anschluss (meaning ‘no connection), which has been remixed by SITD and Germanys Blank & Jones. Deep proggy electro house is the name of the game here, with the SITD remix throbbing particularly hard. Another album highlight ‘Home is remixed by MHC (Goldfrapp, Fischerspooner etc), whose recent production with Moby recently topped charts across Europe. MHC take the track into slight more crossover territory — similar to Todd Terrys treatment of the EBTG classic ‘Missing, if you like.

Onetwo fuse, blast and combine the majestic Teutonic intentions of Propaganda with the charged, atmospheric power of OMD to produce something uniquely sleek, entertaining and adventurous. Their live show is a memorable combination of a select few of the best Propaganda, Act and OMD songs and most importantly a premiere of the compelling new Onetwo songs from their forthcoming 2007 debut album ‘Instead that bring everything sensationally up to date. Onetwo will be touring the UK and Germany in March 2007, dates tbc.