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Krefeld — KuFa

I never have heard about electro pop duo ONETWO before. But what attracted me attention was first the name Claudia Bruecken and second the fact that the info sheet said, that Claudia will perform Propaganda songs. I guess some of you will hear the bell ringing now? Yes? Right! Claudia Bruecken was once the singer in German Electro/Goth pioneers Propaganda, delivering such immortal hits like Dr. Mabuse and P-Machinery. Ok, maybe I should now come out with some… fact *lol*.. yes, in the 80s I loved bands such as Propaganda, Boytronic, Visage, Blancmange and more ;). And since I didnt got a chance to see them performing live at that time (ya know, there existed some different ideologies and philosophies with a fence in between in Germany) I would now get the possibility to catch up what was missed. What a great thought!

To make it even better… second half of this duo is no one else than Paul Humphrey, former sound master and singer in OMD. You remember? Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, another electro band that created such great hits as Messages and Joan Of Arc. Same thing, it was announced that OMD songs get performed too. Meaning, this evening has to be just GREAT! Two amazing bands from the past merged into one, on one evening, on one stage. And… not to forget: ONETWO, the new project touring in support of their February-released album Instead, again containing high-quality and beautiful tracks as one can discover on the bands myspace page. Listen to the songs on there and you will realize that the right musicians got together. Couldnt match better ;)

Could hardly wait to hit the road towards the KuFa in Krefeld, one of my favorite concert locations with great sound and light facilities as well as a big stage. Finally arrived enthusiasm got damped a little when learning that the show was downgraded to the smaller stage. Even there the approx. 200 people had still a lot of room to move. Dunno why such famous names dont fill a location like this. It might have been the summer-like weather…

Germans finest Electro duo TECHNOIR punctually opened the tonights evening and had to be the one and only support band. Long time ago I have seen them performing live and I have to say the smaller stage and additional live keyboarder Stephan Altengarten visually played to them. I remember that the duo looked pretty lost on the huge stage I saw them last time… Unfortunately, singer Julia Beyer was bedeviled by an allergic coryza what made her voice quite nasal.

Well, audience didnt take it amiss and honored TECHNOIR with much applause, while the first rows were swaying and dancing. Musically speaking the duo offered a journey through their entire work, beginning with five brand new tracks from their current album Deliberately Fragile, going back to the past with the EP Manifesto to the debut Groundlevel. As already experienced, singer Julia always gets much lost in her own music what made the performance looking kind of stiffly, especially, since the new songs are more lively, made for the dancefloors. Just now and then she seemed to remember that some movement couldnt do any harm. Sound wiz Steffen Gehring was much more active behind his keys ;) Nevertheless: great songs and a pleasing show!

Setlist: Intro, Dying Star, Breathe (Dance), Liar, Manifesto, Everything I Cannot Have, Requiem, Silence, Growing, In Your Memory

A short break followed that filled the hall with the fans that still sat in the beer garden. An intro preluded what had to come with Paul Humphrey and his live musicians entering the stage, accompanied by a thunderous applause. Claudia Bruecken joined in and ONETWO kicked off with The Theory Of Everything. What instantly fascinated were her crimson patent leather shoes. I wasnt the only ones as „Claudia, I love your shoes” shouts prove, commented by Paul „Id like to have such shoes too” *g*… ok ;) After experiencing two more beautiful songs from the just released Instead album Paul intoned Messages. If there still was a person reserved in the crowd I swear this one was now captivated too ;) Followed by legendary Dr. Mabuse, fans freaked completely out. Over 20 years later this song hasnt lost any bit if its fascination, as Claudias charismatic voice hasnt too! Yes, ONETWO got frenetically celebrated, every single song enthusiastically received, no matter if it was a Propaganda or OMD song, own material, a cover version (Have A Cigar) or a tribute tracks (Club Country) respectively. Crowd was wildly dancing, shouting and cheering, creating a huge amount of energy, thankfully absorbed by the band and given back performing literally drenched in sweat. Surprised faces told that they didnt expect such response. Perfect tour kick-off Id say ;) Men screamed for Claudia she accepted with heartily smiles and greatest pleasure, shaking hands and signing autographs later. What a great show!!! Fuck… it was BREATHTAKING! AMAZING! I tell ya… I was so captivated, fascinated, enthusiastic, mesmerized… ya know. Time flied and ONETWO got screamed back two times for encores. As for me, they then could have started right from the beginning again ;) This show is definitely one of my personal highlights for 2007!

Setlist: The Theory Of Everything (parts 1 & 2), Signals, Sequential, Messages, Dr. Mabuse, Kein Anschluss, Element Of Truth, Forever (Live & Die), P-Machinery, Have A Cigar, Home (Tonight), Club Country [BillyMcKenzie Tribute], Souvenir, Cloud Nine, Snobbery And Decay [ACT], Duel // If You Leave, A Vision In The Sky // Electricity