ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Tumbometer 2


Tuumometer edition two; notes and counternotes.

Frenzy for two: zang and you.

Here comes a chopper.

Whats Up ? Good question. These are the things that are up, in no particular order, for every particular reason… Here at Zang Tuum Tumb, were up, with reason, without guilt. Were coming youre way, dont move… Be way out! Oh, the things you do in print… Lets list again.


  1. The Frankie Goes To Hollywood single ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome is in fact part one of Frankie Goes To Hollywoods 1985 Escape Act — and that is in fact faster than the fact and slower than the proof. Where The Escape Act is leading to is everybodys guess. Best suggestion wins a prized rare ztt type tee shirt.
  2. Sterling took the photograph on the front of the Anne Pigalle single. We dont know either.
  3. The second Art Of Noise long player will be daft. Do you feel like a fool?
  4. Wick wack sacky nack give the love a stone. The Art Of Noise do things for you.
  5. Andrew Poppy is spending the first six months of 1985 recording his first long player to be called ‘The Beating Of Wings.
  6. A Secret Wish is ZTTIQ 3
  7. The second Zanglette published by ZTTetc will be called ‘Daft As A… It will say things like ‘oh, its a bloody circus about The Art Of Noise.
  8. The words spoken at the beginning of the Frankie Goes To Hollywood twelve inch ‘How To Remake The World were written by Nietzsche. It is not the hour in which to say much about Nietzsche. The dissentient voices are silent. The crowd has stopped howling. But a worse thing is happening to him; — he is becoming ‘accepted — the preachers are quoting him and the theologians are explaining him. Were sorry.
  9. The Propaganda L.P. will be available in May: when we say available, and boy, do we mean available. It is called ‘A Secret Wish and it will go like it will go. Like THAT!
  10. …by the way…
  11. On May 20th at the Ambassadors Theatre on Shaftsebury Avenue in London West One Zang Tuum Tumb will begin two weeks of exhibition. The Art Of Noise, Andrew Poppy, Instinct, Anne Pigalle and Propaganda will all be appearing on stage, surrounded by their own way of doing things, every night until June 1st. Bottle that and know the secret of life.
  1. (cont.) Tickets priced at £3. £4 and £6 will be available during April from usual booking centres — plus booking fee. Be seeing you.
  2. Instinct are right now and how recording their first single ‘Sleepwalking (ZTAS 9) with Trevor Horn. Maybe May.
  3. The autobiography of Anne Pigalle, ‘Why Does It Have To Be This Way will be Zanglette Number Three, to be published during 1986.
  4. Who knows?
  5. It must again be stressed that over no circumstances and under no dress — very much including being bored to death by persistent requests can the magic of Zang TuumTuum comment on the availability of any of their product, nor confirm or pretend to know in which sleeves the records may or may not appear, nor advise on how to distinguish between different mixes which seem to have the same catalogue number, nor explain what prefix numbers are scratched into the run off groove that should or not help the collector. This may not help you. And how you get hold of some of our photo-discs, including the brand new Art Of Noise cut out Tortoise, is again everybodies guess. No prizes. We, must stress though that ZTT singlettes — singles on a cassette, better than yoghurts on a stick — are mightily worth chasing about. Two new ones are available at the moment — ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome as ‘All In The Mind, All In The Body (CTIS 107) and Moments In Love as ‘The Tortoise And The Hare. (CTIS 109)

Puzzle is… love.

  1. Propaganda return on April 15th. Theyre ready, so you can be as well. ‘Duel fights with ‘Jewel, ‘BitterSweet fights with ‘Rough Cut… It all fits together and it all comes apart and its all yours.
  2. Anne Pigalles second single will be called ‘Why Does It Have To Be This Way from the long player ‘…everything could be so perfect. This is certain. Anne Pigalle is on ZTTs generous Certain Series because of her magnificent contempt for material truth.
  3. Six months after it was written the Frankie Goes To Hollywood pamphlet ‘And Suddenly There Came A Bang -Zanglette Number One — is finally buyable. A crass bod might say that this is the banned book of the banned single, but we couldnt wouldnt baggage stoop so low, not even slowly could we stoop so low. It is though what you could call a work of sub-art, or at least better than the usual crap written about pop groups and sold purely and badly to cheat you you up. This is all understatement. ZTT could easily swoop high enough to call it a life enhancer. For those who want their first copy, or even their second and third, it is available at £2-50 inc. p&p from ZTT ETC at 8-10 Basing Street London W.11. — the price includes an uncensored bonus.

Love this list!

  1. Listen…
  2. Warriors Of The Wasteland is the follow up to their LP ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome.
  3. Welcome back to Bernard Rose, hairpulled director of the two newest Zang Tuum Tumb videos, Hé Stranger and ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome.
  4. Zang Tuum Tumbs musical director is Trevor Horn.
  5. Propaganda wont go away for so long this time. Their time is taken.
  6. Camilla Pilkington?…we dont know either…
  7. …and on it should go… the spring list, the spring cleanup, the spring bean, the big jump. Zang Tuum Tumb get serious, but dont take it too seriously or youll take our life away, or the laugh. We laugh so as not to lie. We debunk and ‘prove a point but we also express gratitude. The test? Only time will tell, and then very quietly. Until the next time, have a good time. Until when? After five more hits.

Youre seeing us.