ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Press release

In a sense, what has happened here is that ZTTs incidental instrumental series, kicked in the least by the departure of Art of Noise, has revolved to start up again. Released 3 years after ‘Into Battle, an Art of Noise pro-extended play that set the pattern for all the snaps and bucks buckling sound these days, Andrew Poppys ‘32 Frames is made up of the same nature and un-nature of that record: 25 minutes of stabs at themes, plus further developments, and so on.

The original point of reference for the 12"—ZTIS 200—is a piece from Poppys debut LP. The original work has been drummed, blended, hummed, bent into drum and so on sorts of shapes: there can be no authentic response to this particular endeavour unless listeners take themselves through the whole record, if you see what we mean. By authentic, we mean something, if you see.

Things that could be said about this record from the crass—the pro-notion of value for money with the record—to the considered—the development of this certain type of Poppy music thanks to the ZTT sound system—will only be hinted at in this press release.

In four weeks, Andrew Poppys first 7" single will be available: also as a 12". ‘The Amusement (ZTPS 02) will prepare the way for Andrew Poppys second long player, which will be released early 1987. What the singles, and all the Poppy music have in common with ‘new age is that it is instrumental. You see. To coincide with the releases of these two singles, Andrew Poppys digitally recorded ‘The Beating of Wings is released on compact disc.

Further information:
Paul Morley
Lorraine Reid
Tel: 221 5101