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Tumbometer 5

Recording memorandum 5

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zang tuum tumb: at home on happy pills

greetings to all zangsters. Z.T.T. collectors innocent by-standers, the occassional extra-fanatic and even the unlikely apathetic onlooker whos only accidentally looked in, or dropped in etc. welcome to no. 5 tumbometer: the up-date, up to a point, all things considered.

So, up to a point, what has happened to zang tuum tumb?

five things.

2. worry
3. energy
5. love

Art of Noise at a point

look out for the Art of Noise compact disc ‘DAFT a truly spot-on item for those of you in long real love with the energy and worry of these damned hot times. ‘DAFT is an honestly modest exaggeration of the Art Of Noise as they stood and sat during the one year they were on the Z.T.T. record label: honestly modest and yet dishonestly moist. ‘DAFT contains 1 hour of noiseness, music taken from the Art Of Noise albumette ‘Into Battle, the Art Of Noise album ‘Whos Afraid (Of The Art Of Noise) and the Art Of Noise 12" ‘Moments In Love

The Customer Is Always Right: which Art Of Noise single should Z.T.T. re-release?

And remember, if it wasnt for the Art Of Noise, it wasnt where it was.

F.G.T.H. at holiday

Look out for nothing much from Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and dont cross your eyes because the wind might change.

Those of you who have written in hostile agitation regarding the disintegration of the Liverpool wonders, take heart. Something collectable will be your way directed not longer than extremely soon. Individual members of the group are at this particularly virile moment preparing their collectable delights.

The Customer is always right: What was your favourite Frankie Goes To Hollywood moment?

Psych-oh Rangers at work

look out!

Those of you who still watch on video tape the glamorous tube appearance by the psych-!oh rangers will be watching your local stores for new record releases by the group. For those who didnt know, an introductory e.p. is buyable — ask for ‘The Essential Art Of Communication. As for their next single release, The Customer Is Always Right: should the next psych-oh rangers single be

a) Power Station
2) Intellectual Gangsters
iii) The Death of Innocence

The rangers work on, all for one and ten for all, waiting for just that right moment when pop is at it worst flabbiest and they can leap in, as unpleasantly as possible. this weeks psych-oh! mott-oh! life is for smashing-oh!

Andrew Poppy at the moment

looking at the sales figures, it would seem that more and more people are all and all the time learning more and more about the original music of Andrew Poppy. What can Z.T.T. say but good. Anyone claiming any record by Andrew Poppy will, up to the point of EMOTION, SATISFACTION, REFRESHMENT, not be disappointed. Let us hope that amidst the shrieking hysteria of these damned hot SELLING TIMES there is still real room for privacy and moments of authentic bliss. There must be some humanness left to-day.

The Customer Is Always Right: Is there much more to life than the consumer breakdown?

Act at play

Look out, look out, theres a single about. The new Act single, the first Act single, will be in the shops from May 5th onwards. ‘Snobbery & Decay is number 28 in the Action Series, and its certainly a song for the times: these damned hot times, these charmed hot times, and so

lifes like that.

like what?

listen to ‘Snobbery & Decay like that.

Snobbery & Decay is a f — -ing suave seven inch and a sheer showtime 12" — the 12" includes an alarming interpretation of a song from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rices ‘Evita. Lifes like that!

Were wondering at Z.T.T. what with the gorgeous shock of ‘Snobbery & Decay, if some wit and sophistication will be charging back towards the charts.

Act are currently recording their debut album, also to be called ‘Snobbery & Decay.

When you purchase ‘Snobbery & Decay, the catalogue number is, for the f — -ing suave 7", ZTAS 28, for the sheer show-time 12" ZTAS28. A special de-lux gatefold sleeve, for those in pursuit of excellence, has a catalogue number 12ZACT 28.

The Customer Is Always Right: what other formats would you like of ‘Snobbery & Decay?


111 Talbot Road
London W11 2AT

Tumbometer 6: when you DEMAND it.

be feeling you.