ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”



Grasping the multimedia nettle with a fanatical two-fisted frenzy, JJ Jeczaliks latest album is but one strand of a synchronous assault on the senses that also boasts an ever-changing web site and a software bundle that enables Mac users to sample, loop, mix and transform sounds to their hearts content. Vaguely recognisable from past project Art Of Noise, Art Of Silence have created a strange and dizzying musical beast which cross-dresses the most sophisticated of orchestral melodies with gentle ambient bleeps, thunder storms, leaking pipes, rainforest chirrups and monstrously pounding hard and heavy house beats. Underpinned by a sprinkling of pop immediacy, Messenger Of Heaven, 4:34 AM, West 4 and Fear No Malice look set for heavy clubland and radio rotation. ☆☆☆

Paul Davies