ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Material world: Mr and Mrs Morley

Pop nuptialists ACT-ress Claudia Brücken and ZTT clever clogs Paul Morley are hardly Bob and Paula, but they lift the curtain a little to allow us a peep into their exquisite region of taste. And not a carriage lamp or Athena poster in sight. P-mod bliss eh?

Favourite Interview

Brücken: So what do we have to do then?

Morley: Favourite favourites, apparently.

Brücken: Like — what do we do with ourselves?

Morley: Yeah, but not for real. Skim the surfaces, sort of. Lets keep it light.

Brücken: S owe ignore the bedroom.

Morley: No one must ever know!

Brücken: So go on, ask me a question. Thats what your egood at.

Morley: OK, who is your favourite couple?

Brücken: Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe.

Morley: I wonder why?


Song Trinitron Profeel


MORLEY: Currently, Coleridges The Fashion Conspiracy — Simon Garfield at Time Out should write a companion book about popular music. My favourite writer about pop at the moment, although obviously I have many favourites, is Marcus Berkmann in the Mail and The Spectator. My favourite TV programme this week has been the BAFTA awards — Aspel was brilliant and so many mad people collected together… I can also hardly wait for the new look Listener.

BRÜCKEN: I am reading Linda W Wagner-Martins Sylvia Plath biography. So many girl interviewers tell me different versions of Plaths life that I thought I should find out for myself. My favourite TV programme this week has been the film of Im Dancing As Fast As I Can, which was all about having a really bad temper. I dont read The Listener.


MORLEY: Kevin Coyne, Nick Drake, Siouxsie, Davey Henderson, TS Eliot, Alistair Cooke.

BRÜCKEN: Johnny Rotten, Bette Midler, Tim Buckley, David Sylvian, Jim Kerr, die Callas, Joni Mitchell, George Melly.


MORLEY: Kenneth Tynan, Malcolm Lowry, Jean Genet, Marc Boland, Michael Aspel, Frank Zappa, late Cher, Lenny Bruce, Rodney Marsh, Gertrude Stein.


BRÜCKEN: early Cher, Edith Sitwell, Patti Smith


MORLEY: The one abot Barbra Streisand and Maureen Lipman.

Time Of Day

BRÜCKEN: The moment someone agrees with something I say.

Least favourite TV critic

MORLEY: All of them, except for Janet Street-Porter.

Favourite fight in the last two weeks

MORLEY: Russell Harty v Vivienne Westwood


Sony Trinitron 20".


MORLEY: Brian Hayes, Mavis Nicholson, John Wilde, Studs Terkel, Magenta, Brian Walden, John Mortimer.


MORLEY: Acoustic toothbrush, Signal toothpaste, Wrights Cold Tar soap.

BRÜCKEN: Nutribel & Ablutia Mousse (Lancome), daycream Optimum Balance (Riz), Regeneratice Nuit, Base Ultrafine, Lotion retraichissante, les soins vitalisante (Roc), Opium Bath Powder, Soft Body Viel, Body Cream (Yves Saint Laurent), Poison (Dior), Coco (Chanel), Electric Toothbrush.


Sony 2" screen.


MORLEY: The Savage God by AJ Alvarez. Salvador, The White Album, Miami by Joan Didion. The World Of Sex by Henry Miller. The Gaze Of Orpeus, The Writing Of The Disaster by Maurice Blanchot. Th Dynamics Of Creation by Anthony Storr. On Disobedience by Erich Fromm. The Dyers Hand by WH Auden. Guide To Modern World Literature by Martin Seymour Smith. The Best Of The Realist by Paul Krassner. On Showbiz by Jimmy Tarbuck. Literature and Evil. Eroticism by Georges Bataille. Notes and Counternotes by Eugene Ionesco. Tolstoy or Dostoevski by George Steiner. How To Write by Gertrude Stein. Automatic Vaudeville by John Lahr etc etc etc etc etc.

BRÜCKEN: Illuminations by Rimbaud. Dorothy Parker. Henry Miller. The Unbearable Lightness Of Being. Der Meister und Magarita by Bulgakov. Karl Krauss. Iain R Webb, the fashion editor at the London Standard. Gunter Grass.


BRÜCKEN: Wassily Kandinsky, Ernst-Ludwig Kirchner, Otto Dix, Bruce McLean, George Grosz, Frida Kahlo.

Favourite Interview

MORLEY: Steven Martin, People I would like to interview before I die include the late Cher, Gerry Adams and Brian Clough.

Least favourite interview question

BRÜCKEN: Whats that song about then?


MORLEY: Jonathan Ross, Captain Beefheart, LBC, Ian Penman, The Spectator, Jimmy Saville is 61.

Favourite Record Labels

Factory, Ze, Fetish, Strange Fruit, ECM, 4AD, Mute.

Worst Moment

MORLEY: Beyond Belief by Emlyn Williams.


Bang & Olufson 20" in white


BRÜCKEN: If were not talking about the bedroom, were not going to talk about the Kitchen.

MORLEY: But theres a television!


Sony black 14" portable.