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Wild at heart

When is a groove not a groove? When its a song! Now, we all love a bit of oingy-boingy hardcore techno bizness now and again, but there are times when only a song hits the spot and allows one to transcend the day to day banalities and miseries that are the job lot of late twentieth century man.

Dere aint nuthin like a little melody. Some people who feel the same way are our favourite twist and shouts, Propaganda, and the man with the deftest fingers in the cosmos—David Morales.

‘Your Wildlife, a track that initially surfaced on ‘1234', an album Propaganda put out last spring, has just been released in the US after being remixed and remodelled by Mr Morales, who jumped at the offer of remixing this darling of a tune.

“Im into techno,” explains David, “but youve got to put it into perspective. You cant just take a nice record and techno-ize it. Were Americans and in America were different; we like songs. Were into songs; real musical stuff.”

Main prop Michael Martens echoes these sentiments: ‘We thought that ‘Your Wildlife was a good song, but we wanted someone to work on it and jazz it up a bit. Davids done a really good job.” He certainly has. ‘We love real songs; in that sense were quite traditional, if you see what I mean.” Thats more than clear Mike, crystal would be opaque by comparison.

Muff Fitzgerald