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Frankie say war–on cruelty

Heres a Frankie slogan you wont have seen before. Jolly Holly—blatantly offensive superstar of this parish—is urging everyone under 18 to ‘Give An Hour For A Child in aid of the NSPCC (National Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children).

The campaign encourages young people to raise money, through sponsorship, for each minute they spend on an activity of their own choice up to a maximum of 60 minutes.

The nine kids in this picture gave an hour, and Holly gave an hour to meet them.

“Im very lucky,” Holly said, “I have terrific parents, but some kids have a really rotten time growing up and we should do all that we can to make their lives happier and more secure.”

Further info—with special badges—is available free from any branch of the Midland Bank, who are supporting the scheme.

Everyone taking part will have the chance to go to a party hosted by HRH The Princess Margaret in St Jamess Palace, London, in December. Cant be bad…

So how about an hour listening to ‘Two Tribes remixes. Or an hour listening to the Mike Read Show if you really want to cash in…