ZANG TUMMM TUMB ARTICLES “the first draft of history”

Suddenly there came a bang

A book on Frankie Goes To Hollywood released on ZTT etc. In April.

Paul: “This will be the first release on ZTT etc., a new company which will deal with projects that cant find a place within ZTT itself. Itll deal in print, film, cloth and opinion.

“This book, detailing a year in the life of Frankie-all the truth, lies, fact and fiction — was due to come out in February. But its been held up because the printers have refused to work on it, because of the content and the picture on the cover. (The ‘animals cartoon which appears on the back of the LP cover, minus the figleaves.)

“Thats a bit of a shame, ‘cos the whole point of our first release was to show up all those other crappy rock books that people like Omnibus publish.

“Our basic point was that peoples lives were being restricted by the poverty of imagination, so we put together this rich and fulfilling work, and its been pulled back by the kind of abstract power that always stops young people getting the best out of life.”