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Four popular misconceptions about HOLLY JOHNSON

  1. Hes a keen pigeon-fancier and sends messages to and from his American record company tied to the foot of his trophy-winning pedigree homing bird, Harriet.
    (Unlikely because, of course, thats a bit too far for a pigeon to fly, probably.)
  2. Each week his mum sends Holly a de luxe home-baked cherry and chocolate chip gateau through the post to his home in Tooting, London.
    (Unlikely because Holly lives in Fulham, London and you would reckon his mum knows where he lives, wouldnt you?)
  3. Hollys love of all things artistic was stirred as a child when he discovered the early works of his uncle, Rolf Harris, in the dusty attic of his familys semi-detached home in a leafy suburb of Melbourne.
    (Unlikely since, of course, Holly bears absolutely no family resemblance to Rolf Harris whatsoever.)
  4. As a teenager, Holly actually had his social security number dyed in his hair on the side of his head.
    (Unlikely because no one is quite that daft. Hold on a minute. oh, sorry, he did do that. Good grief!)