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Five years after he quit Simple Minds, Derek Forbes still cant shake off the tag. Not that hes complaining.

“Everybody remembers me from my days with the Minds, and Im very proud of what I did with the band,” big Dan said.

“I love them still to this day. And I wish the Minds every success in the future.”


These days, Derek and his old mate Brian McGee—another former member of the Minds—are the rhythm section of Propaganda.

Theyve just released a great new single called Heaven Give Me Words. Its a track from their album 1234, and after a sneak preview I reckon lead singer Betsi Miller is a STAR just waiting to be discovered.

“In the past Propaganda were a real cult band with a reputation for making very cold, machine-like music,” said Dan.

“We want to make quality pop music. Songs with real heart, which dont follow and fashions, but maybe create a few of their own.”

Propaganda have done just that. Theres not a dull track of 1234, and I highly recommend it.