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Welcome To The Pleasuredome (ZTT)

Say what exactly is The Pleasuredome? Well the poet Coleridge says: “In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree.”

“Graham Greene also wrote a book called Welcome To The Pleasuredome, a collection of essays on movies.

Now its the title of the debut double album from Frankie; an ambitious and epic production/ presentation which will be hailed as the Ben Hur of the pop charts. Why, it almost sounds too big to fit into your living room!

What you get are half a dozen new Frankie songs, three new covers and all thats gone before, re-mixed with some vibrant instrumental snatches and various sound FX.

Its an entertaining hours worth. Though the concept of ‘the dome is in keeping with the urgency and vulgarity of ‘Relax, some of the new material keeps a surprisingly safe distance.

These tracks find Frankie in a Bee Gees kind of mood, an Andy Wiliams kind of style or a Frank Sinatra kind of song (wait till you hear the new single!). Theres even a Pink Floyd-like instrumental.

Frankly, Frankie, I dont give a damn who deserves more praise for all of this originality—you or Trevor Horn.

What does matter is that youve given us a kick up the 80s and set new pop standards all round.