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Danny Jackson

Frankie say

The rise of Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Format: Softcover book

Publisher: Omnibus Press

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Publish date: 6 May 1985

Pages: 80

Product dimensions: 9.1 × 7.2 × 0.2 inches

ISBN-10: 071190684x

ISBN-13: 978-0711906846

Language: English


Frankie Goes to Hollywood is a modern music phenomenon. Not since The Beatles has a band so completely or so dramatically come to dominate the European music scene with a staggering 12 millions record sales in 12 months (3 no.1 singles and a no.1 album). They are now set to conquer America. FRANKIE SAY is the first in-depth study of the heaviest High-Energy funk-rock band about.

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