ZANG TUMB TUMB DISCOGRAPHY “…which deny the freedom of the flesh…”

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

The power of love

Sleeveart image.

Type: Single

Format: Compact cassette

Label: Zang Tuum Tumb

Catalogue ref.: CTIS105

Series: Movement-less Action series no. 5; Sunshine Incidental series no. 153; Singlette series no. 105

Release date: 19 November 1984

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Chart position: UK: (Starting 25/11/1984) 3; 1; 3; 5; 6; 7; 10; 20; 35; 45; 64; x; 64; 88; x; 90; 92; x; 91; 98; 92
Germany: (Starting 17/12/1984) 19; 7; 4; 4; 6; 6; 10; 14; 23; 37; 43; 62; 68; 72; 74; 74 (17/1/1994) 100; 97; 80; 94

Sleeve design: XL Design; ZTT

Notes: Initial issues of this single came in an outer hearts and crosses envelope. The painting featured on the coverart is ‘Assumption of the Virgin’ (1516–1518) by Tiziano Vecellio (aka Titian).


Sleeveart image.

Cassette inlay: Outside

Sleeveart image.

Cassette inlay: Inside

Sleeveart image.

Cassette envelope: Front

Sleeveart image.

Cassette envelope: Back

Printed tracklisting

  1. The power of love
  2. Trapped and scrapped
  3. Holier than thou

Actual tracklisting

Programme identical on both sides of the cassette

  1. “Who then devised the torment…” 00:16
  2. The power of love (Extended version edit) 08:54
  3. The world is my oyster (Scrapped) 01:38
  4. Holier than thou (Part 1, singlette version) 01:08
  5. The world is my oyster (Trapped) 02:29
  6. Holier than thou (Part 2, singlette version) 04:10
  7. The power of love (Instrumental version) 02:27
  8. “My uncle is a monster…” 00:29
  9. “And in at number 35…” 00:28

Occasionally the tracklisting printed on the sleeve art of a release isn’t 100% accurate. Tracks may be missing, mixes unspecified or misnamed. For this reason a more accurate actual tracklisting is shown alongside the printed tracklisting.

Sleeve Notes

Inlay: Outer




“I’ll protect you from the holocaust”

“When Will has conquered in that strife. Then comes at length the hour of Love. Then it descends like a White Dove bearing the olive tree of life.”[1]

A cassette celebration of the third single — ‘The Power Of Love.’ Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Trevor Horn and Zang Tuum Tumb made it up for the doomed generation and/or the children of the revolution.[2]

Sung by Holly Johnson

Composed by Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Produced by T.C. Horn

Assistant Producer — Steve The Lippo

Assistant Engineer — Bobby The K

Strings arranged by Anne Dudley

co-ordination — Zang

eased out of the shadow of the Dome of Pleasure

Packed by XLZTT “crossed”

Checked by Morley, Sinclair, Goodman and Pope

Identified by Johnson, O’Toole, Rutherford, Gill and Nash who always appear to be Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

“Still, is there a meaning? A meaning? Now the snow is failing. What meaning? It seems to me that a man must have faith, or must search for a faith, or his life will be empty, empty. To live and not to know why the cranes fly, why babies are born, why there are stars in the sky. Either you must know why you live or everything is trivial, not worth a straw.”[3]

CTIS 105



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Anymore for Anymore

This cassette is not a “cassingle” anybody who calls it such will be shot. In combination with ZTAS 5 and 12 ZTAS 5 it forms number 5 in ZTTs movement-less Action Series. On it’s own it is number 153 in Zang Tuum Tumb’s sunshine Incidental Series.

What would you put in it’s place

Inlay: Inner

Easing out of the shadow of the dome of pleasure are, approximately, ’The Power Of Love’ (Gill-Johnson-Nash-O’Toole), ’trapped and scrapped’ (FGTH-ZTT) and ’holier than thou’ (FGTH-ZTT)

Published by Perfect Songs Ltd.

“Not greedy bastards.”

Unauthorised public performance broadcasting and copying of this cassette prohibited. All rights of the manufacturer and the owner of this recorded work reserved.