ZANG TUMB TUMB DISCOGRAPHY “…which deny the freedom of the flesh…”

Frankie Goes To Hollywood



Type: Single

Format: Compact disc

Label: Zang Tuum Tumb

Catalogue ref.: ZCID25

Series: Action series no. 25

Release date: 10 November 1986

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Chart position: UK: (Starting 16/11/1986) 24; 19; 19; 32; 42; 53; 52; 60; 79; 99
Germany: (Starting 1/12/1986) 57; 10; 9; 7; 8; 8; 10; 16; 24; 33; 44; 51; 58; 64; 75

Sleeve design: Accident

Printed tracklisting

  1. Twenty minutes of highlights…

Actual tracklisting

  1. Warriors (Compacted) 23:37

Notes: This track is made up of highlights of Warriors

Occasionally the tracklisting printed on the sleeve art of a release isn’t 100% accurate. Tracks may be missing, mixes unspecified or misnamed. For this reason a more accurate actual tracklisting is shown alongside the printed tracklisting.

Sleeve Notes

Outer sleeve: Front




“sailboats of ice on desert sands”

digitally recorded

digitally mixed

digitally mastered

Outer sleeve: Back


Twenty minutes of highlights from number 25 in Z.T.T.’s Action Series featuring the music of Frankie Goes To Hollywood recorded at Sarm West Studios London including Warriors (of the wasteland) and Warriors (Twelve Wild Disciples Mix) · Warriors Of The Wasteland is track one side one of the album ‘Liverpool’ · The original track was played by Frankie Goes To Hollywood — for further information regarding the nature of the ‘re-mix’ refer to the 12" record, catalogue number 12 ZTAS 25, for a successful description of the process · Produced by Stephen Lipson · Executive Producer: Trevor Horn · Pouch designed by Accident (A438B) · WARRIORS is also available on record and cassette.

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Brian ‘Nasher’ Nash

Holly Johnson

Mark O’Toole

Peter ‘Ped’ Gill