ZANG TUMB TUMB DISCOGRAPHY “…which deny the freedom of the flesh…”

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Welcome to the pleasure dome

Type: Album

Format: Compact cassette

Label: Zang Tuum Tumb

Catalogue ref.: ZCIQ1

Series: Action series no. 4; IQ series no. 1

Release date: 29 October 1984

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Chart position: Album-UK: (Starting 4/11/1984) 1; 2; 4; 5; 6; 5; 6; 6; 5; 6; 8; 12; 13; 16; 21; 15; 23; 33; 27; 27; 14; 9; 9; 7; 13; 18; 18; 25; 32; 31; 37; 39; 41; 50; 58; 64; 61; 88; 72; 66; 76; x; 79; 82; 92; 80 (29/9/1985) 59; 79; 67; 90; 78; 89 (26/1/1986) 90 (24/8/1986) 94; 97; 85; x; 99; 54; 83 (12/2/1995) 62; 95; 37; 24; 38; 36; 76 (23/2/1997) 96 (18/4/2010) 79
Album-USA Billboard 200: (Peak 15/12/1984) 33
Single-UK: (Starting 24/03/1985) 5; 2; 2; 5; 12; 24; 39; 56; 69; 72; 72; x; 85; 88
Single-USA Billboard Top 100: (Starting 6/4/1985) 84; 66; 56; 51; 48; 48; 58; 93
Single-USA Billboard Dance Single Sales: (Peak 4/5/1985) 22
Single-USA Billboard Dance Club Songs: (Peak 1/6/1985) 31

Sleeve design: XL Design; ZTT

Photography: Peter Ashworth; Anton Corbijn

Printed tracklisting

  1. Well…
  2. The world is my oyster
  3. Snatch of fury (Stay)
  4. Welcome to the pleasure dome
  5. Relax (Come fighting)
  6. War (…and hide)
  7. Two tribes (For the victims of ravishment)
  8. Ferry (Go)
  9. Born to run
  10. San José (The way)
  11. Wish (The lads were here)
  12. Including the ballad of 32
  13. Krisco kisses
  14. Black night white light
  15. The only star in heaven
  16. The power of love
  17. Bang…

Actual tracklisting

Side 1

  1. The world is my oyster (Including Well, Snatch of fury) 01:57
  2. Welcome to the pleasure dome 13:40
  3. Relax (Come fighting) 03:56
  4. War (…and hide) 06:15
  5. Two tribes (For the victims of ravishment) 03:28
  6. “Orgasms become the most mystified state of feeling…” 00:35

Side 2

  1. Ferry cross the Mersey (Go) 01:49
  2. Born to run 03:59
  3. San José 03:10
  4. Wish (The lads were here) 02:48
  5. The ballad of 32 04:49
  6. Krisco kisses 02:58
  7. Black night white light 04:08
  8. The only star in heaven 04:16
  9. The power of love 05:32
  10. Bang 01:07

Occasionally the tracklisting printed on the sleeve art of a release isn’t 100% accurate. Tracks may be missing, mixes unspecified or misnamed. For this reason a more accurate actual tracklisting is shown alongside the printed tracklisting.

Sleeve Notes

Inlay: Outer


(Frankieman logo)

(ZTT logo)



Welcome To The Pleasure Dome

(Island logo)

(Chrome logo)

(Dolby logo)

Logo agogo!

“Since pleasure is the Unique, to reveal Pleasure is itself a unique duty.”



The World Is My Oyster

snatch of fury (Stay)

Welcome To The Pleasure Dome

Relax (Come Fighting)

War (…and Hide)

Two Tribes (for the victims of ravishment)


ferry (Go)

Born To Run

San Jose (The Way)

Wish The Lads Were Here

including the ballad of 32

Krisco Kisses

Black Night White Light

The Only Star In Heaven

The Power Of Love


Frankie Goes To Hollywood happen to be: Holly Johnson, the voice. Brian Nash, guitar. Peter Gill, drums. Mark O’Toole, bass and vocals. Paul Rutherford, vocals and ‘I came to dance’.

Produced and all that by Trevor C. Horn. “Our pleasure.” Engineer and production assistant: Steve Lipson. “Absolutely.” The Lads were engineered by Stuart ‘Blushing’ Bruce. T.H.C. Theams have consisted of: Jonathan Jeczalik (software, hardware and The Fifth Dimension), Andrew Richards (keyboards and pottery), Louis Jardim (percussion and cignals), Anne Dudley (string arrangement for ‘The Power Of Love’, additional keyboards): plus the Lipson Service Guitar, including dark side of the mood solo on the title track. Acoustic guitar on the title track courtesy of Steve Howe. Ta Geffen Records. Mastered by Ian Cooper.

Design: XL of Poland Street and ZTT of Basing Street.

“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.”

Photography: colour Peter Ashworth. Black and white, Anton Corbijn. Frankie cartoon by Lawrence Cole.

“Vary pleasure incessantly (never more than two hours at the same task) and from all these successive pleasures, make continual pleasure.”

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Inlay: Inner

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3 The Sophisticated Virginia Woolf vest for the luxury of life

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five Tattoo designs from the equation with six enamel badges packed and posted for £3.99.

8 The Andre Gide socks: feet first luxury coloured white one sock with frankie equation one sock with pleasure dome tag cotton woven three pairs packed and posted for £5.99.

Three Lads. A Mercedes. Two Flags. BBC Car Park, July 1984.

“It’s pleasing to think that something we’ve done is something that will be remembered. Something we’ve done will go down as an all time classic. It becomes part of people’s lives, their memories, their hopes… But if it all ends tomorrow, we’ve had a good ride, we’ve seen what it’s like.” — Brian Nash

Holly and Paul. A t-shirt. A badge. A tattoo.

“I enjoy certain things, no one else has to enjoy them, and I see certain things in a certain way, but no one else has to see those things in the same way. And then again, no one has the right to tell me it’s immoral or selfish or wrong to do what I do.” — Holly Johnson

ZCIQ 1 (the cassette)

Manufactured by Island Records

Released 1984. All songs written by Frankie Goes To Hollywood and published by Perfect Songs Ltd with the exception of ‘War’ (Strong, Whitfield, published by Jobete Music (UK) Ltd), ‘Born To Run’ (Springsteen, published by Zomba Music Ltd), ‘San Jose’ (Bacharach and David, published by Carlin Music Corp) and ‘Ferry Across the Mersey’ (Marsden, published by Dick James Music Ltd)

Action Series No. 4

Unauthorised Public Performance, Broadcasting, And Copying Of This Cassette Prohibited. All Rights Of The Manufacturer And Owner Of This Recorded Work Reserved.


Brian ‘Nasher’ Nash

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Holly Johnson

Mark O’Toole

Peter ‘Ped’ Gill