ZANG TUMB TUMB DISCOGRAPHY “…which deny the freedom of the flesh…”

Frankie Goes To Hollywood


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Type: Album

Format: 12" vinyl

Label: Zang Tuum Tumb

Catalogue ref.: ZTTIQ8

Series: Action series no. 23; IQ series no. 8

Release date: 20 October 1986

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Chart position: UK: (Starting 19/10/1986) 5; 12; 15; 28; 38; 45; 59; 76; 83; 89; 78; 95; 84
USA Billboard 200: (Peak 6/12/1986) 88
Germany: (Starting 11/3/1986) 13; 10; 5; 6; 7; 7; 11; 13; 11; 12; 7; 8; 15; 18; 24; 24; 30; 40; 40; 49; 54; 46; 52; 63

Sleeve design: Accident


Sleeveart image.

Vinyl sleeve: Front

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Vinyl sleeve: Back

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Vinyl label: Side A

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Vinyl label: Side B

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Vinyl slipcase: Side A

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Vinyl slipcase: Side B

Printed tracklisting

  1. Warriors of the wasteland
  2. Rage hard
  3. Kill the pain
  4. Maximum joy
  5. Watching the wildlife
  6. Lunar bay
  7. For Heaven’s sake
  8. Is anybody out there?

Actual tracklisting

Side 1

  1. Warriors 04:58
  2. Rage hard 05:03
  3. Kill the pain 06:16
  4. Maximum joy 05:32

Side 2

  1. Watching the wildlife 04:19
  2. Lunar bay 05:42
  3. For Heaven’s sake 04:29
  4. Is anybody out there? 07:25

Occasionally the tracklisting printed on the sleeve art of a release isn’t 100% accurate. Tracks may be missing, mixes unspecified or misnamed. For this reason a more accurate actual tracklisting is shown alongside the printed tracklisting.

Sleeve Notes

Outer sleeve: Front

(zttiq 8)



Outer sleeve: Back

Produced by Stephen Lipson

Executive Producer: Trevor Horn

Assistant Engineer: Heff Moraes

The Liverpool Look designed by Accident (A431A) and photographed by Anton Corbijn


1. Warriors of the Wasteland

2. Rage Hard

3. Kill the Pain

4. Maximum Joy


1. Watching the Wildlife

2. Lunar Bay

3. For Heaven’s Sake

4. Is Anybody Out There?

the total running time of the long player is 44 29"


for stereo

at 33 1/3rpm

Frankie Goes To Hollywood are:

Holly Johnson

Peter Gill

Mark O’Toole

Brian Nash

Paul Rutherford

This long player includes an inner sleeve that includes more details concerning ‘Frankie’ and ‘Liverpool’

℗&© 1986 Zang Tuum Tumb

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Inner sleeve: Front

anton corbijn

september 3 1986

side one

04'53" ….. “it seems to me that the powers that be keep themselves in splendour and security”

05'01" ….. “the blue eyes of children shine without fear hope is the future with oceans of cheer”

06'38" ….. “break the chains we can rise up again once we’ve rearranged the nature of the game”

05'54" ….. “feeling the wonder of sun rain and thunder unravelling life’s mysteries living to make history”


side two

04'05" ….. “living cuts you like a knife living here watching the wildlife”

05'45" ….. “i won’t change for anyone i’m just for you”

04'37" ….. “just give us some money our lives could be sunny too”

07'36" ….. “feel good about yourself i’ll drink to your health have all that you desire”


Inner sleeve: Back



The Liverpool Sound was recorded at the Wisseloord Studio just outside Amsterdam and at the Sarm West Studio just outside the realms of possibility it was produced by Stephen Lipson who used Heff Moraes as assistant engineer and there was Trevor Horn in an executive capacity at a guess and then Holly Johnson sings Paul Rutherford semi-sings and wholly-moves Brian Nash guitars Mark O’Toole basses himself and back voices Peter Gill major drums there are keyboards played by Peter Vetesse Andy Richards Stephen Lipson there are additional guitars played by Stephen Lipson there are add-on percussions hand played by Andy Duncan and Louis Jardim and the arrangements in brass and string came up from Richard Niles it s like this you see there are thanks and that from deep inside the studio possibly to the likes of albeit boekholt jj belle lol creme trevor rabin steve howe julian mendelsohn paul wright equipment moved by john gaillard betsy cook gary maughan chris senior peter oxendale charlie dore pamela stephenson steve the greek all those at the studio just outside amsterdam all those at the studio just outside the realms of possibility all those at ridge farm studios and we must eat so inari designer cuisine zang tuum tumb records for limited sake acknowledge corbijn barratt smart edwards stan boardman the joker in this packed pack i went into a pub the other day the guys in the pub they said you’re not from round here are you i said no how do you know they said you’ve put your pint on the bar and ztt records know you are paying attention and thank frankie for letting it say it is very delicate this interface between what is truly new and what is already familiar this liverpool feel is number twenty three in this action series thank-you for inventing it into your lives how to listen to this record wear it dream it open it disburn it however run into names mark o’toole thinks of in a thank way lippo heff trevor tosh jenny martin ztt lucky mum dad laura (the last of the caironians) the bass centre lydia toto gerry digney the cheque is in the post peter gill thinks to thank mum dad sister ann tony tosh pope jenny martin john three six oh robinson pete dick in the parmesan duck french john gaillard steve gant lipson heff ganta maraes trevor not meaning to be disrespectful horn ztt sonor drums paiste cymbals dynacord paul rutherford thinks of thanking all who care tosh jenny martin regine and the rest of the teams and mentions ‘the laughing stock of London’ and mentions the past, the present and hopefully the future so called world leaders you have been warned we don’t wanna die we wanna party and there is paul love to dad family joe and remember you never know what’s hanging until it drops exclamation mark holly johnson is thanking wolfgang for moral support and advice dylan thomas duncan grant and jean cocteau for inspiration t.s. eliot for the wasteland mad max for the warriors tom robbins for the jitterbug stephen r donaldson for the land dino for the the flatter top hair cuts max the only barber in liverpool family and friends everywhere and god of course exclamation mark brian nash thanks in a thinking way claire the in laws the out laws tony dooze a cassette pope johnny boy barbican martin jenny glenn saggers and all on the pleasure tour ian cocker and scarfy in brackets gavin i’ll have it in three weeks mortimer keith thompson washburn uk steve the idiot lipson heff wisseloord studios chris goodstaff cavey kway lude last but not least mondo everywhere i go the kids wanna rock bondage and the group frankie goes to hollywood found in liverpool rounding up life remember there are those who fill in the gaps like hep travel all them at anne port bay hotel all them at borris house graham alcock ian haring and lubbock pine eaton and burley rock-it cargo malcolm hill peter webber hire would you believe tickle them invories studio hire stagestruck nike and so liverpool is the second frankie goes to hollywood album a follow up the double meaning album welcome to the pleasure dome which has as it’s catalogue number ztiq 1 is the start of the picture a pop art gem this liverpool seize goes further the big punch into popped poetry enjoy the liverpool sound look feel seize again stop again.

Released during October 1986

Liverpool also available on cassette and compact disc

Label: Side 1

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Side One of LIVERPOOL.

1 Warriors of the Wasteland (4'53")

2 Rage Hard (5'01")

3 Kill the Pain (6'38")

4 Maximum Joy (5'54")

by Frankie Goes To Hollywood

songs written by gill-johnson-nash-o’toole

songs published by perfect songs ltd.

Produced by Stephen Lipson

Executive Producer: Trevor Horn

For Stereo at 33 1/3 r.p.m.

P zang tumb tumb 1986

C zang tuum tuum 1986

The total running time of side one is 22'26"

all rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved unauthorised public performance broadcasting and copying of this record prohibited

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Label: Side 2

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Side Two of LIVERPOOL.

1 Watching the Wildlife (4'05")

2 Lunar Bay (5'45")

3 For Heaven’s Sake (4'37")

4 Is Anybody Out There? (7'36")

by Frankie Goes To Hollywood

songs written by gill-johnson-nash-o’toole

songs published by perfect songs ltd.

Produced by Stephen Lipson

Executive Producer: Trevor Horn

For Stereo at 33 1/3 rp.m.

P zang tuum tuum 1986

C zang tumb tumb 1986

The total running time of side two is 22'03"

all rights of the manufacturer and of the owner of the recorded work reserved unauthorised public performance broadcasting and copying of this record prohibited

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