ZANG TUMB TUMB DISCOGRAPHY “…which deny the freedom of the flesh…”

Andrew Poppy

The beating of wings

Type: Album

Format: Compact cassette

Label: Zang Tuum Tumb

Catalogue ref.: ZCIQ5

Series: Action series no. 17; IQ series no. 5

Release date: October 1985

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Sleeve design: The London design partnership

Photography: AJ Barratt

Printed tracklisting

  1. The object is a hungry wolf
  2. 32 frames for orchestra
  3. Listening in
  4. Cadenza

Actual tracklisting

Side A

  1. The object is a hungry wolf 12:27
  2. 32 frames for amplified orchestra 08:38

Side B

  1. Listening in 13:06
  2. Cadenza for piano and electric piano 14:31

Occasionally the tracklisting printed on the sleeve art of a release isn’t 100% accurate. Tracks may be missing, mixes unspecified or misnamed. For this reason a more accurate actual tracklisting is shown alongside the printed tracklisting.

Sleeve Notes

Inlay: Outer


The Beating of Wings

(ZTT logo)




The Beating of Wings

(Island logo)

(Chrome logo)

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The Beating of Wings


Flute: Geoff Warren

Clarinet: Roger Heaton

Bass Clarinet: Rory Allam

Baritone, Alto and Soprano Saxophone: Andy Blake

Voices: Mary Phillips Elise Lorraine

Piano and Keyboards: Andrew Poppy

Violins: Elizabeth Perry (leader) Gillian Cohen Anne Morfee Julia Frape Andrew Roberts

Violas: Jocelyn Pook Sally Beamish

Cellos: Alexandra Robinson Ingrid Perrin Justin Pearson


Conductor: Andrew Poppy

Violins: Elizabeth Perry (leader) Teresa Ward Gillian Cohen Jonathan Rees Cathy Adams Andrew Roberts Mark Berrow Margaret Roseberry Pauline Lowbury Fiona Highham Jane Carwardine

Violas: Yuko Inove Rupert Bawden Rebecca Wade

Cellos: Susan Dory MAttias Feile Sara Gilford Rhydian Shaxson

Double Bass: Judith Kleinman Sarah Haynes

Flutes: Nancy Ruffer Simon Channing

Clarinet: Roger Heaton Victoria Soames

Bass Clarinet: Roger Heaton

Soprano Saxophone: John Harle

Alto Saxophone: Dave Roach

Baritone Saxophone: Andy Findon

Trumpets: Simon Ferguson Edward Hobart

Trombones: Paul Nieman Roger Williams

Horns: David Cox Andrew Antcliff

Tuba: David Powell

Vibraphone: Glynn Matthews

Xylophone: Keith Bartlett

Piano: David Owen


Trumpet: Bruce Nockles

Horn: Phillip Eastop

Saxophone: Andy Blake

Bass Guitar & Double Bass: John Lunn

Pianos/Keyboards: Andrew Poppy


Keyboards/Voice: Andrew Poppy

Guitar: Jack Hughes

Trumpet: Bruce Nockles

Percussion Samples: Andrew Poppy


The heard of the matter

Is this

Alls well

Alls well

Alls well in the world

Alls well in the world of iterception

They’re Listening In


Piano: Andrew Poppy

Electric Piano: Glynn Perrin Helen Ottaway

ZCIQ5 (the cassette) to accompany ZTTIQ5 (the L.P.) and CD127 (the compact disc). Manufacturer by Island Records. Published by Perfect Songs Ltd. Released October 1985. Composed, arranged and produced by Andrew Poppy. ℗&© 1984 Zang Tuum Tumb. Unauthorised public performance broadcasting and copying of this record prohibited. All rights of the manufacturer and the owner of the recorded work reserved.

Composed, arranged and produced by Andrew Poppy. Recording engineer Stuart Bruce. Mix engineer Nick Ryan (also recording engineer for Cadenza). Overdub engineers Stuart Bruce, Bob Kraushaar. Tape operators Renny Hill, Steve Reece. Production co-ordination and administration Karen Goodman. Copy Rory Allam. Recorded on Sony 24 track digital, except Listening In — 48 track analogue. Wolf — recorded and mixed at Sarm West. 32 Frames — recorded live at Sarm West, overdubs at Konk/Sarm East/Comforts Place mixed at Comforts Place. Listening In — recorded at Konk/Eden at Sarm West. Cadenza — recorded live and mixed at Sarm West.

Inlay: Inner

The Metropolitan Opera House, New York, 1945.

Machine acknowledgements

Linn Drum operation for LISTENING IN: Stuart Bruce

Fairlight operation for THE OBJECT IS A HUNGRY WOLF: Steve Rance; J.J.Jaczalik. Acknowledgement to Robert Kraushaar and Jonathan Sorrell for the Clyde Ship Yard expedition and to Propaganda for paying for them to go.

Origin acknowledgements

THE OBJECT IS A HUNGRY WOLF — was written and conceived for Lost Jockey and first performed on Thursday 4th March 1982 at the New Hall, City University London at 1.10 p.m. John Barker conducted and some of his comments and ideas about the score remained pertinent at the time this version was recorded.

32 FRAMES FOR AMPLIFIED ORCHESTRA — was conceived and written for the Goldsmiths College 20th Centruy Music Orchestra — director Dave Burnand — and first performed in the recital room at Goldsmiths on Wednesday 18th March 1981 at 1.15. The conductor was Rupert Bond.

LISTENING IN — was conceived and made along with a 4 track tape recorder, eletric piano, synth, guitar, bass guitar, drum machine and space echo delay in a Deptford Hut during April/May 1981. This material was substantially reworked in the studio for this present version.

CADENZA FOR PIANO AND ELECTRIC PIANO — was conceived and written for Helen Ottoway and myself for a performance with Kick Start Dance Company at X6 Butlerswharf Rotherhithe on Friday 29th August 1980 at 8.00. Originally the piece had 4 sections but the last 3 of these were withdrawn after the first performance. The one movement from the piece had many performances between 1980 and 1983 either with Regular Music, Lost Jockey or independently. The Z.T.T. 1985 version contains revisions and extensions of that piece and I would like to thank Glynn Perrin for his help, comments and enthusiasms.

Cut by Ian Cooper at The Town House. Photograph of Andrew Poppy by A.J. Barratt, Monday 25th August 1985 at 1.30. Graphic Design by Phil Treacy and Bev Whitehead at the The London Design Partnership with Morley/Poppy. Hand Tinting by Fiona Skinner. Zang Tuum Tumb confirm this is number 18 in The Action Series. Zang Tumb Tuum also confirms that “It is the traditional task of the prophet to denounce systems of rule and life which deny the freedom of the flesh or the imagination.”

Jack Hughes appears courtesy of Geffen Records.

Thanks to Jill, Trevor and Paul for saying yes once, twice and three times. Thanks also to Ian Tregoning, Dave Meegan, S.J. Lipson and Stewed-Art for commitment beyond the call of duty.

“Don’t worry, they said, ALL’S WELL. My Doctor says ALL’S WELL in the world of new music and my lawyer says ALL’S WELL; ALL’S WELL in the world of youth culture and my government says ALL’S WELL; ALL’S WELL in the world of scientific discovery and my father says ALL’S WELL; ALL’S WELL in the world of decision making and my lower says ALL’S WELL; ALL’S WELL in the world of experimental psychology and my preacher says; all sorts of crazy things.” — extract from unrevised A.P. ‘post first past the — ’

Finally; September 1985.

The last fight at Shoreditch Town Hall, January 1975.

Andrew Poppy, 1985

Berlin, 1927.


Andrew Poppy