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Holly Johnson

Hollelujah — The remix album

Type: Compilation

Format: Compact cassette

Label: MCA Records Ltd

Catalogue ref.: MCLC1902

Release date: 1990

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Sleeve design: Accident

Notes: Cover painting by Peter McLaren.

Printed tracklisting

  1. Love train (Americanos big beat 109 BPM version)
  2. Atomic city (Enviro-mental mix)
  3. Perfume (Aromatherapy mix)
  4. Americanos (The perfect taco mix)
  5. Heaven’s here (Mount olympus mix)
  6. Hollelujah

Actual tracklisting

Side one

  1. Love train (Americana big beat version) 06:42
  2. Atomic city (Enviro-mental mix) 07:31
  3. Perfume (Aromatherapy mix) 05:57

Side two

  1. Americanos (The perfect taco mix) 06:13
  2. Heaven’s here (Mount olympus mix) 09:29

aka: Julian Mendelsohn remix

  1. Hollelujah 04:07

Occasionally the tracklisting printed on the sleeve art of a release isn’t 100% accurate. Tracks may be missing, mixes unspecified or misnamed. For this reason a more accurate actual tracklisting is shown alongside the printed tracklisting.


Holly Johnson