ZANG TUMB TUMB DISCOGRAPHY “…which deny the freedom of the flesh…”

Paul Rutherford with Pressure Zone

That moon

Type: Single

Format: Download

Label: Beatfarm Recordings

Release date: 1 September 2009

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Printed tracklisting

  1. That moon
  2. That moon (Radio edit)
  3. Total eclipse
  4. Swing on
  5. Lunar love

Actual tracklisting

  1. That moon (Full moon mix) 07:55

aka: Club mix

  1. That moon (Radio edit) 04:08
  2. That moon (Total eclipse) 04:17
  3. That moon (Swing on) 04:57
  4. That moon (Lunar love) 05:19

Occasionally the tracklisting printed on the sleeve art of a release isn’t 100% accurate. Tracks may be missing, mixes unspecified or misnamed. For this reason a more accurate actual tracklisting is shown alongside the printed tracklisting.

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Paul Rutherford