ZANG TUMB TUMB DISCOGRAPHY “…which deny the freedom of the flesh…”

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Watching the wildlife

Movement 2

Type: Single

Format: 12" vinyl

Label: Island

Catalogue ref.: 609035

Release date: February 1987

Country: Republic of Germany

Chart position: UK: (Starting 7/3/1987) 37; 33; 28; 33; 47; 72; x; 93; 87

Sleeve design: Accident

Photography: Sally Anne Thompson; Steve Rapport

Printed tracklisting

  1. Watching the wildlife (Movement 2)
  2. Watching the wildlife (Bit 3)
  3. Watching the wildlife (Bit 4)
  4. The waves

Actual tracklisting

Side A

  1. Watching the wildlife (Movement 2) 07:14

aka: Animal silk

Side B

  1. Watching the wildlife (Bit 3) 06:26

aka: The condom mix

  1. Watching the wildlife (Bit 4) 04:26

aka: Orchestral wildlife

  1. The waves 03:02

Occasionally the tracklisting printed on the sleeve art of a release isn’t 100% accurate. Tracks may be missing, mixes unspecified or misnamed. For this reason a more accurate actual tracklisting is shown alongside the printed tracklisting.


Brian ‘Nasher’ Nash

Holly Johnson

Mark O’Toole

Peter ‘Ped’ Gill