ZANG TUMB TUMB DISCOGRAPHY “…which deny the freedom of the flesh…”


A secret place

Type: Album

Format: Compact disc

Label: n/a

Catalogue ref.: DX/01

Release date: 26 October 2018

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Sleeve design: Philip Marshall

Notes: Recording of a live performance of A Secret Wish on 24th March 2018 at The Garage in Islington, London. Limited to 1000 copies, 300 of which are signed by Susanne Freytag, Claudia Brücken and Steve Lipson.

Printed tracklisting

  1. Dream within a dream
  2. The murder of love
  3. Jewel
  4. Duel
  5. Frozen faces
  6. p:Machinery
  7. Sorry for laughing
  8. Dr. Mabuse
  9. The chase
  10. Strength to dream
  11. Disziplin
  12. Femme fatale

Actual tracklisting

  1. Dream within a dream (Live) 09:45
  2. The murder of love (Live) 05:13
  3. Jewel (Live) 06:02
  4. Duel (Live) 04:54
  5. Frozen faces (Live) 07:24
  6. p:Machinery (Live) 05:17
  7. Sorry for laughing (Live) 03:43
  8. Dr. Mabuse (Live) 05:52
  9. The chase (Live) 04:35
  10. Strength to dream (Live) 03:39
  11. Disziplin (Live) 03:41
  12. Femme fatale (Live) 04:58

Occasionally the tracklisting printed on the sleeve art of a release isn’t 100% accurate. Tracks may be missing, mixes unspecified or misnamed. For this reason a more accurate actual tracklisting is shown alongside the printed tracklisting.

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Andreas Thein

Claudia Brücken

Edgar Allen Poe

Michael Mertens

Ralf Dörper

Susanne Freytag